OXCGN looks at the recent 3DS situation and the idea that Sony could suffer the same fate with the PS Vita. He argues that although smartphones are taking away the casual market from portables, the PS Vita is targeting core gamers anyway.

Does 3DS trouble point to trouble for PS Vita?

What if the huge rise in popularity of smartphones, iPods and iPads is stealing away potential customers for both their portables?

Should the 3DS situation actually make Sony worried for their PS Vita?

Actually, no. And here’s why
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    legendary one Aug 2, 11
    Sony has a solid system coming out, which may take down Nintendo 3DS no Problem.
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    XboxOZ360 Aug 2, 11
    I'd have to agree, Sony definitely has it over Nintendo's over arrogant attitudes that are now showing tears at the seams.

    Sony did the best thing in taking on a Western CEO several years ago when they were plummeting into the deep levels of RED.

    Once on-board, he was able to see the limits that the Japanese only thought processes were having on the company. and turned it around. But he did run up against agreat deal of defiance from the trusted KK who wanted to build the worlds best PC, aka PS3, but once he was 'retired' (cough cough), things began to change, thankfully.

    Ideally, Nintendo needs such a shift in thinking, otherwise, it will be heading down a very slippery slop faster than you-know-what on a slippery shovel.

    I seriously doubt their Wii-U will take off as they predict, as it too offers too much tech and not enough real results. Gamers do not need yet another huge handheld item to oplay games. If anything, they need less.
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    WhisperintheWind Aug 2, 11
    I've thought about this recently, and yeah I think the introduction of all these handheld devices will definitely cause harm to the "oldschool" stuff, or at least pose that risk. With everybody getting their hands on ipads and etc. nobody is going to find a want or need for anything else.

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