As of Monday, Sucker Punch Productions now belongs to the Sony Entertainment of America development portfolio. Studio insiders were not surprised by the purchase, stating that it just reaffirms the relationship between the development studio and the electronics giant.

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    Bale Fire Aug 2, 11
    Well this probably won't change much, but I hope this means more funding for Sucker Punch. Bigger and better Infamous/Sly Cooper
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    legendary one Aug 2, 11
    Infamous is a pretty Great game! Hopefully Infamous 3 will be awesome!
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    RaidenXS Aug 2, 11
    weren't they always under Sony anyways?
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      ShadowGuard Aug 2, 11
      They were not owned by Sony, they just had a partnership with them (like Bungie had with Microsoft). Sony has been buying a lot of these types of companies, and they were probably upset with not being able to get Insomniac. Good move on Sony's part and like others have stated, this may mean a bigger budget for inFamous 3 or whatever the next Sucker Punch title is which is almost scary to think about.

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