This is the review of Captain America: Super Soldier from It got a 7 out of 10 for its final score. So fans of comics may just want to check this game out.

Captain America: Super Soldier brings the legendary shield-swinging heroics of Steve Rogers into realisation. The game is based on the movie that was in turn derived from the comic book series by Marvel Comics. This title is a must for fans of the movie or comic book series; it carries some major cool-factor as you control one of our favorite heroes in stopping an evil plot to take over the world amidst the chaos caused by World War II. Fighting loathsome enemies -some of the classic villains of the Captain America series -and playing as one of the most patriotic heroes out there is sure to be fun for many other gamers out there, too. Does this game fall into the pitfalls that trap many other movie spinoff games? The short answer is yes in some areas, but even though the game does suffer from some of the classic faults of movie spinoff games, it still had enough features to make it into an enjoyable experience for this reviewer, who also happens to be a huge comic book fan (I own between 8-9000 comics -mainly from Marvel -so bear with me as try to be as objective for this game as possible). Pick up your shields and Captain America costumes and check out the rest of the review.
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