Sony's vice president of publisher relations has attacked the publishing policies of Microsoft that, he claims, keeps innovation and great products off the market. Check out the story at GamerGaia!

Sony’s vice president of publisher relations has went on record as saying that Microsoft is protecting an inferior technology with their policies regarding content on Xbox Live Arcade and multiplatform titles. The comments stem from Microsoft’s admission that they reserve the right to deny titles on Xbox Live if they launch on the Playstation Network first. Check out the news below.
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    ShadowGuard Sep 3, 11
    interesting. Microsoft (business move) or Sony (advancing the industry). Battle of epic proportions!

    I do hope Microsoft picks a new media for the new system, DVD9s are already outdated this generation, it would destroy them for the next generation.
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      Shinobi_razor Sep 3, 11
      i dont think they could possibly be stupid enough to not go with blu ray or at least something similar next gen. there have been talks of a 10 or so layer DVD of some kind that would give them close to a blu ray's capacity anyway.

      DVD9 is out of the question of course, but theres also the chance they might decide to go "futuristic" and do pure downloadable games only next time, or even worse (IMO), be like OnLive and do the streaming thing. i really hope they keep doing physical games.

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