GameJudgment talks about the 'hype' surrounding PS3 exclusives in comparison to actual sales post-release. A plea to support people that make exclusive games with money, not just words.

And so, my fellow Sony gamers, rather than brag about exclusives, go out and support these hardworking artists, writers, and programmers by actually purchasing the titles they produce. Skip the latest Call of Duty and pick up a copy of the superior Resistance 3, another IP to originate on your Sony console. You don’t need yet another Assassin’s Creed, so give inFamous 2 or Demon Souls a try.
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    Red 9 Sep 9, 11
    If the game sells at least one million copies, I think that's good enough. Plus, people are just going to have to realize that CoD games will always sell well, even if they are quite crap. Each successive CoD game has set a new sales record, dwarfing sales of exclusive titles on each of its respective platforms. Which is precisely why we keep getting cookie-cutter Cod games annually.
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      Daweii Sep 9, 11
      That's the thing though Xbox 360 exclusives sell really well.. I mean Gears of War 2 sold 11 million copies worldwide which is a good 8-9 million more than Resistance 3 will likely sell. Halo 3 sold 3.3 million units in one day which is 2 million more than most Playstation 3 exclusives manage over several years.. Playstation 3 gamers seriously do talk up games they never play.
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      Xander756 Sep 10, 11
      Nobody cares what YOU think is good enough. 1 million copies is not even enough to break even! Michael Pachter said in his panel at PAX that to break even, a game has to sell at LEAST two million copies. So your little one million threshold means the company would be losing money. How is that "good enough"?
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        Red 9 Sep 10, 11
        U mad bro? Why so goddamn aggressive? Did I somehow inadvertently rape your morning cereal or something, because you're being awfully asinine. I'll respect your opinion if you aren't bashing me for mine.
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    Bale Fire Sep 9, 11
    I've always found it strange how the sales of the big PS3 games don't often match the sales of the big 360 ones. I can only presume Microsoft are better at advertising and hyping their community.
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      Shinobi_razor Sep 10, 11
      hate to use a cliche but Sony fans just need to put their money where their mouth is.
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      Red 9 Sep 10, 11
      It's precisely that. Sony has never been all that great with advertising. When MGS4 came out, I only ever saw a SINGLE commercial for it, and it was at one in the morning. When InFamous 2 released, I never saw a single commercial.

      The thing is, most 360 games are aimed at American gamers, and there are a LOT more 360 gamers than PS3 gamers in NA. Sony's console is primarly a Japanese-strong console, but most of the games put out on PS3 are not entirely aimed at its strongest audience.

      Plus, when MS puts out an exclusive, half the time it has some kind of multiplayer voucher for Gears or Halo included. Plus, since Gears 2, they haven't been able to match that level of 11M since. Which is ironic since a lot of people weren't as happy with Gears 2 retrospectively.

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