Game Podunk editor MarshallHenderson reports that with Square-Enix taking the tiny step of registering Final Fantasy XIII-3, fans can be hopeful for a possible sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2. Read on for more details.

In line with the classic behavior of Square-Enix, even before Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been released, there are some rumblings in the internets that imply that another sequel may be on the way.
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  • 0
    Province Sep 12, 11
    Wait what?

    ...what the...
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    Sparky_ Sep 13, 11
    Please, please, go away. Just get on with Final Fantasy XV. XIII has been one of my least favorite FF games and I would prefer not to see anymore of it and its world. If they're going to continue with anything XIII related, speed up the production of Versus XIII.
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    Lord_80 Sep 13, 11
    Man oh man. I was disappointed to hear they were making a XIII-2. Now possibly a XIII-3? For the love of all that is good. Wrap up these shit projects and then focus on making another good FF for a change.
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    Dragoon Sep 13, 11
    I actually kinda like the FFXIII-sage.

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