3D has become a big part of society and it has found its way into the gaming world. What are we seeing now and what can we expect in the future from 3D games? Check out GamerGaia's feature on 3D gaming.

3D technology has found its way into prevalence in our society once again and this time it looks like it will be around to stay. 3D movies are becoming a standard for most big releases and 3DTVs are becoming more and more common on today’s market. But what does 3D mean for gaming? Movies and television have both taken to 3D in varying degrees and gaming is just starting to jump on the bandwagon. What are we seeing in the industry now and what can we expect in the coming months and years from 3D? Let’s find out
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    Sonic Flash Sep 26, 11
    "Sweet spot" gaming is a little buggy for the 3DS because you're also encouraged to tilt and move the console. It also jitters naturally as you press buttons and whatnot.

    It's also a buggy method of 3D for movies on TVs because there are multiple viewers.

    ...but it MIGHT be useful for single player TV gaming. No glasses, nothing jiggling the TV.

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