GameJudgment's Patrick O'Rourke reveals one simple step any competitive gamer can take to improve their skills; purchasing a good set of headphones. Why aren't more gamers hopping aboard with one of the most proven ways to improve your odds of survival?

Using headphones opened up a whole new world to me. Suddenly, I could hear exactly where my opponent’s footsteps were. I could even pinpoint almost exactly what direction they were coming from. In many ways, this gave me an unfair advantage over my opponents. Even in single player games, I’ve always found that figuring out what direction an enemy is coming from through my headphones has helped me in a ton of games.
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    Hideo1 Oct 14, 11
    Wait, there are people who don't use headphones whilst gaming?

    ... I hate humanity a little more now.
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    gameplayingfool Oct 14, 11
    haha, I'm one that doesn't use headphones...but I'm starting to see the error of my ways.
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    Shinobi_razor Oct 14, 11
    multi player? for sure, its a necessity. actually you wanna have a headset so you can talk as well.

    its also a good idea in lots of single player too. i wouldnt say you need to in every game, but in games where there are big audio clues you need to hear like Dead Space or stealth games where you need to hear footsteps, its necessary.

    i own 2 pairs of Logitech headsets, a wireless pair for consoles (F540) and wired pair for PC (G35). i like both of them, the only complaints would be they are not the most comfortable to wear. but the build quality is head and shoulders better than Turtle Beach or Tritton as they use high quality plastic and metal headbands. the audio on my end is great, dont know how my voice sounds on the other side though.
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    TomlinFoolery Oct 14, 11
    One of my favorite headphone effects was in Deus Ex where you could literally hear the sound travel from left to right, it was awesome.

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