GAMINGtruth's own Indie Games Editor Derek Strickland delivers the verdict on Trendy Entertainment's RPG/tower defense/online co-op mashup title Dungeon Defenders.

In Dungeon Defenders up to four players can take on waves of hordes of oncoming monsters with action-packed melee combat and strategic RTS elements from the tower defense genre.

This game packs hours upon hours of playtime in a robust and expansive fantasy world that defines the RPG genre, wrapped in impressive visuals and a stylish flair that defines the genre.

Dungeon Defenders is now available on PlayStation 3, PC, and the Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 MSP ($14.99). For more information please visit the official website at

Dungeon Defenders is an expansive and robust massive online multiplayer action RPG/tower defense title where gamers can team up with friends around the world to take down hordes of goblins and monsters in a mystical medieval fantasy world. With an impressive story arc that defines the mythical land and a cast of unforgettable heroes each with their own customized roles and abilities, this game shines and provides hours of enjoyable gameplay.
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