You see them everywhere you go on the internet, fanboys. Some are vocal, others just appreciate a game. However many are closed minded and don't bother to appreciate the industry for what it is, here is how.

PSS "If you go on the web as a gamer, or simply want to find news or information about any game, you have more than likely come across fanboys. Of course some fanboys are much louder than others and this causes internet wars between which side is right, when in reality it’s all just an opinion. While I fully support people’s opinions, I don’t think being a fanboy is the right route to take. There are many negative aspects to fanboys, and overall this has ruined several aspects of the gaming industry and is further hurting it in other areas. What exactly is it affecting?"
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    Poke_mario Nov 23, 11
    Whats wrong with being a professional fanboy

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