It's Tuesday, so that means a new Top 10 list from Gaming Irresponsibly. This week is a rundown of the Top 10 Worst Trends in gaming. It may be a great time to be a gamer, but these 10 trends aren't the reason.

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    longview01 Dec 6, 11
    No 7 motion controls..

    "Until games where motion controls are used in a way that works better and is more fun than a regular controller, I am not convinced they are anything more than a fad."

    Play through SS and see how perfect the motions controls in that are and then tell me that this isn't something that should be improved on in the future.

    After playing through that game simply pressing a button to attack seems redundant to me now
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    Roxas Dec 7, 11
    The motion controls aren't as perfect as they seem. I was going for a potion in SS, but the cursor just went to the far left of my TV screen.

    New Wii, new control, new batteries, and the Wii sensor was lined up with me perfectly.

    Other than that little mishap, I happen to love the motion controls and hope that they do something similar to this format in future games.
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    websod Dec 7, 11
    so wii is a fad??

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