Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core has finally been reviewed by a (currently unknown) magazine. And it's good news for any Final Fantasy fans who were worried about this latest installment in the FFVII Compilation series - The game has been given a 8.75 out of ten.

There is also a quote, from Kitase himself, saying that a Final Fantasy VII remake will be made "when the time is right". Confirmation, much?

Crisis Core was given a rating of 8.75 by a currently unknown gaming magazine. Current 'scans' (actually digital photos) are a bit too small for proper translations but better quality scans should surface soon enough. Along with the review the 'scans' show scenes of the Nibelheim escape and Bahamut Retsu.

From the article:
- Crisis Core is "being strong, as well as having a New Game + option".
- Each reviewer's scores were: " 9, 9, 8 and 9 ".
- There is New Game + with stronger levels.
- You can't skip the demo.
- The battle and the enemy encounters are well balanced.
- There are tough enemies even if your level is maxed.
- The "normal" enemies are quite simple though.

- For now, until the timing is right, there is no remake.
- And there seems to be a minor bug during the test play.
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    Final Blade Sep 5, 07
    No duh it will be, they would be stupid not to remake FF7. Also thats not a bad score, did they give why it was scored that why.

    Yes a new game plus, thats awesome. Finally they must have been reading my mind, now if they do that in FF7 remake oh yeah.
  • 0
    neto_360 Sep 5, 07
    Crisis Core is looking better each time I watch the trailer XD I will be getting a PSP sometime next year just for this game I want to see what scores it gets from other reviewers though.
  • 0
    iLLmatic Sep 6, 07
    I was expecting a higher score, 9 and above from any and everything that reviewed this game. I wish it would just get realeased already.
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      Final Blade Sep 6, 07
      However this is from one site.

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