With the recent SecuRom blunders regarding the PC version of the game BioShock, another outrage was created today as a member came to the official 2K forums asking if he would be using two of his five activations of BioShock, if he were to sign into another account and enter the serial number when asked for it. The response he got was a simple

    The other way to view this, is one USER has purchased the game. Not the whole family. So why should your brother play for free?
It seems like they really want us to buy a copy for as many people as those that want to play it, not one per family, but one per person... I very much doubt this is the way to make sales.

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    Wolfwood Sep 5, 07
    This is what happens when you let DRM do the talking for you. Oblivion did it right by just requiring you to have the DVD handy whenever you load up the game.
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    FRoGBuster Sep 5, 07
    they could have made more profit and not worry about this if they had released the game for the ps3 as well... duh.
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    Play ISDF Sep 5, 07
    Tsk tsk tsk, and they were doing so well and had to go screw up with something so bloody simple.
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    Seproth Sep 6, 07
    Bullshit... trying to prevent pirating the game. But pirates are quite often hackers and know how to get around this shit. So they are effectively screwing people who actually payed for this game.
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      Warsun Sep 7, 07
      Stuff like this just encourages people to wanna download it illegally even more.

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