The U.S. Department of Electronic Entertainment examines the ethical issues that come with Electronic Arts casting of Jessica Chobot in Mass Effect 3. *The United States Department of Electronic Entertainment is a humor site, not affiliated with any government agency.

Following the announcement that IGN host Jessica Chobot will be appearing in the upcoming game Mass Effect 3, Electronic Arts has also revealed that the entire editorial staff of the video game website IGN will be cast as voice actors in EA’s next major game Dragon Age 3, along with Ms. Chobot’s costars at the video game television network G4 TV.
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    Aussie Legend Feb 1, 12
    Wtf Bioware? Is Chobot sleeping with the boss or something?
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    websod Feb 2, 12
    Aussie Legend, this is a fake story. this needs to be killed this is not true not even a rumor.

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