SoulCalibur V launched this week for PS3 and Xbox 360, and VGBlogger has their full review for the latest weapon-based fighting game from Namco's Project Soul team.

The modern fighting-game genre, like an old-school city map, is divided into quadrants. Over in the far corner, you’ve got the Tekken crowd, content with their bizarre-ass battling pandas and limb-specific button combos. The collection of blood-spattered spinal cords over yonder marks the grim border of Mortal Kombat’s turf, a neighborhood where the method in which you respond to the ghostly hiss of “Finish Him!” always seems to matter much more than how you got there. Capcom’s territory is easily the most crowded, with spandex clad heroes and street fighters jostling as they rock battle meters, tag-team matches and spectacular 100-hit ultra combos (all the while wondering how they’re going to scrape up the coin to cover next month’s downloadable content bill.) And then there’s Namco Bandai’s SoulCalibur series, which, five games into its legendary existence, still seems to be trying to please everybody by deciding which plants and statues look best as part of the front-lawn landscaping.
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