As a lot of you may know, 'Syndicate' was released on both Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles as of yesterday. With the help of IGN's Peter Eykemans, we're given a fair idea of whether this'll be the game for us to purchase or not. Still undecided about whether to spend all that cash on a game you're not 100% sure will satisfy you? Dig deep into this thorough review and let it decide for you!

By removing set pieces and forced plot, Syndicate dilutes into pure action -- and that's where it thrives. The scoring system, unlock tree with more options than the single-player campaign, and replayability elect co-op as the better half of Syndicate's package. Across nine missions, split between normal, hard, and the unlockable expert difficulty, Syndicate feels similar to Left 4 Dead, a classic in the co-op game space. Not only do safe rooms full of ammo stagger the action, but without working together there's no way to tackle the futuristic forces of evil. The challenge of these missions supersedes the unbalanced single-player campaign, making replays worthwhile and satisfying.
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