For a game as large as Snake Eater, this is certainly a big news release for the 3DS. Overall on your first playthrough, you'd easily clock up over 10+ hours of gameplay (albeit a lot of that time being through cutscenes). I must admit too, that I'm very impressed with the graphical structure of this release. So in anticipation of its release on the 21st of February, Richard George goes through the pros and cons of the whole Metal Gear Solid franchise, raising interesting points in both areas.

Despite being a port, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D is one of the better looking 3DS games out there. Environments and character models are both solid, and the 3D effect in the game is very, very effective. In fact adding those layers of depth can actually help strategy, as you'll get a better notion of where enemies and objects are in relation to your position. Though Snake Eater doesn't rival the visuals of something like Resident Evil: Revelations, or even Super Mario 3D Land, it's still... ahem, solid.
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    Vicarious Feb 23, 12
    Awesome, I love this game and I will definitely be getting it for this system. I am glad there is a game that 3D actually seems to work on, because all the others have just felt like a nuisance so far.
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    EricF Feb 23, 12
    Imagine being able to take your gaming to bed with you! Snake Eater would be one of the best games to play before you sleep too. This should be great for the 3D.

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