Complete PS4 Specs review updated monthly. Based on careful in depth analysis of the Playstation past and future research. For comparison the PS3 uses a cell based processor with 1 PPE (Power processing element) @ 3.2 GHz which is dual thread i.e. capable of processing 2 streams of instructions at a time and 8 SPEs (Synergistic Processing Elements) @ 3.2GHz of which 1 is disabled for yield purposes and 1 is reserved for security purposes such as encryption and decryption of the hard drive in real time.

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    Red 9 Mar 4, 12
    Except that Sony hasnt indicated anything for specs. At all. So all this is absolute pure guesswork. So how this is news beats me.
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    BSmith83 Mar 7, 12
    If you listen to the various rumors around the internet, you can piece together the information. The article is constructed well, and features information gathered from dozens of sources.

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