With the release of the third Mass Effect game finally upon us, Matthew from PushStartSelect takes a look back at the previous games, and how Bioware's ambitious sci-fi trilogy raised the bar for RPGs industry and revolutionized the gaming industry altogether.

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    Red 9 Mar 5, 12
    The story-driven nature was a huge achievement for the game, and definitely showed that you can have action without having to sacrifice scriptwriting. It also changed how people regarded making choices in games, and it also streamlined the "choose your dialogue" system.

    Its other gameplay mechanics, I think, still seem a bit dated.
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    Province Mar 6, 12
    In terms of creating a story focused action title Mass Effect 2 certainly pushed the logic a bit, but in all other departments it has always, in my opinion, been very stale. I firmly believe Mass Effect has been given to many plaudits, but that won't stop Mass Effect 3 being one of the best games of this year.

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