It seems that Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is living up to it's hype. On the first day of it's release, around 350,000 copies of the game were sold ... and the number is still climbing!

With the soaring sales, high Review ratings, and good publicity of Crisis Core, Square Enix are hoping to double their takings by the end of the week ...

  • Japan first Day Sales:

    Crisis Core FF7 (PSP) : approx 350000
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      neto_360 Sep 15, 07
      DAMN! XD I know the game had a lot of hype around it and it seems that so far, it is living up to the hype. Glad to see it is doing so well
    • 0
      Final Blade Sep 15, 07
      Its no surprise really, Its an SE game after all. I hope we get a real U.S release date.
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      Bale Fire Sep 16, 07
      Its probabley at like half a mil now
    • 0
      Riku31069 Sep 16, 07
      Wow...I didn't know this game had this much hype. I think they probably sold twice the amount by now.

      I'm going to buy this game when it comes out in my country.
    • 1
      Synergized Sep 16, 07
      I remember reading that it sold out in Japan at IGN or something. Good news for Sony. Maybe it'll give the PSP a little boost to try and narrow the gap on the huge DS lead.
    • 0
      tidus04 Sep 16, 07
      That many on the first day, I am simply amazed. I jsut can not wait for it in the Uk =[
    • 0
      Sonnet Sep 16, 07
      Wow, that's amazing. And It's a PSP game too. I'll be picking this one up when I can afford it, which won't be untill may or so -_-
    • 0
      Destruct0 Sep 16, 07
      I have yet to purchase a PSP. I'll be buying a used PSP just for Crisis Core, although I'll probably want some other stuff as well, this game is enough reason to get one.
      • -1
        Final Blade Sep 16, 07
        Really i thought you had a PSP already. I think you should get Chains of Olympus.
    • 0
      Storm Sep 16, 07
      I'll probably just use my brother's PSP to play this game. Neto spoiled the ending for me, and Ray spoiled a training scene, but I'm still getting it
      • 1
        neto_360 Sep 16, 07
        I didn't tell you to watch the ending. XD Plus you already knew how it would end. The only things that would be considered spoilers are things involving Genesis. I still want the game
    • 0
      Synthesis Sep 16, 07
      It's probably at a million by now.
      • -1
        Final Blade Sep 17, 07
        Try to 2 million But awesome.

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