The latest Resident Evil game is taking a lot of heat by the fans, but a lot of them are simply not giving the game a chance. The game did a lot of things right by bringing unique aspects to the franchise, but overall failed to finish a full 60 dollar game.

PushStartSelect: "I will start this off right, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is not a Resident Evil game. It’s a unique take on the universe and tells it own story. Basically you take Socom and you put it into the Resident Evil universe. This idea on it’s own is absolutely friggin awesome! I love Socom, I love Resident Evil, put them together in the way they did was absolutely awesome. The bad part is the game is riddled with flaws, is way too short, and doesn’t exactly justify the 60 dollar price tag….However anyone that is calling this game outright awful probably only played the first two levels and left."
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