It seems many players won't be finishing the fight. Following Halo 3's US release, several gamers are reporting discs which simply do not work beyond a certain point. Although "heavy scratching" is being blamed in many cases, sometimes there is no notable damage or reason for the games failure. Microsoft is so far unavailable for comment.

Some US customers queuing up to splash out hard-earned dollarbucks on Halo 3 have returned home to find their discs unreadable.

The main offender seems to be the Limited Edition of the game, which comes in a metallic casing without a knobbly protrusion to hold the DVD in place. Because of this, disgruntled fans are reporting heavy scratching on their copies.
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    tekmosis Sep 25, 07
    I saw a photo of how scratched up the discs can get and it's just like wow, how can it be *that* bad? But, I'm just laughing because you just know someone sat in line for hours just to get their copy, they get home and BAM can't play it, haha
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    huntyr Sep 25, 07
    its even funnier to me that it happens with the limited editions. Pay more $, and get a scratched disk!
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    Incidnia Sep 25, 07
    This happened to me, I live in the UK and got it today (25th) only to find that both discs in my Collectors Edition have marks on, so far I cannot see any errors in performance. But I'm a guy who likes his games, especially collectors edition ones, to be in perfect condition.
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    DEZVOUS Sep 25, 07
    I bought the limited edition and luckily both discs are in pristine condition.
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    Play ISDF Sep 25, 07
    I just can't help but to laugh so freaking much. People are having trouble with Halo 3 and damn Microsoft must have done something.

    I'm really wondering how legit some of these stories are, I know quite a few people including myself who got Halo 3 and have had no troubles at all. Maybe we Aussies are just lucky.
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    chaosmonkix Sep 25, 07
    is this the limited or legendary edition game casing, because mine came in perfect condition and i bought the legendary at midnight release.
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    Kazooieman Sep 25, 07
    This is what made Microsoft and the 360 fall to third place in the console war!
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    Bale Fire Sep 25, 07
    There not third.... yet

    But seriously when your relying on a single game to sell your console for the next year or so you'd think you'd take more care
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    Theory of Chaos Sep 26, 07
    Come on, Microsoft. This is what happened with your console. You push for numbers in a short ammount of time and this is what happens. Delay it for a month if you have to, but don't let this bullshit happen. You'll lose so much more besides money.
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    Riku31069 Sep 26, 07
    Yes, Microsoft should definitely delay it for a while longer. I hate to see this kind of shit happen.
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    Chaos Swordsman Sep 27, 07
    Microsoft is too concerned with money to bother doing anything fully.

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