Daav from NoobFeed.com grabs hold of the anticipated Dragon's Dogma demo and gives it a whirl. It's a shame that a game brimming with such potential and one that presents a selection of excellent elements doesn't necessarily work with it. What could be linked to a classic like Demon's Souls now remains more of a shallow button masher experience. Here's hoping the full game taps a lot more of the great promise seen within.

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    Aeirou May 6, 12
    I agree and disagree with this article. I can see and agree that button mashing is prevalent in the demo and with most likely be in the game. However, presentation is key and the presentation in DD is well graphed. This isn't a button mashing like Dynasty Warriors or even Skyrim. You will experience diversity in battle and you are rewarded for faster and more skillful killing. So yes, you can defeat any enemy with hit and run tactics BUT you will be rewarded for skillful killing quite a bit more. Just in the demo I earned a difference of 7,000 gold between my best and worst killings.

    Dragon's Dogma also features a night and day aspect that has never been seen in an RPG. At night, the area around you becomes near black and you can get ambushed by creatures that only make their way out in the darkness. Of course, capcom has also said that you will find treasures and other benefits in the dark that will never appear in the day.

    I think, however, that the purpose of this article was to highlight that this game is NOT a very strategic combat title like you might see in Dragon Age Origins on hardmode. It is a combat system that captures it's 30 seconds well because you are constantly seeking better ways to take out your opponents.

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