Suntory's FFVII Potion website has been updated with a new commercial.
The commercial features brief scenes from Crisis Core, as well as a brand-spanking new scene from the movie Advent Children Complete, which involves Cloud fighting Sephiroth while his black wing is revealed.

Suntory FFVII Potion
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Advent Children Complete

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  • 0
    Aggro Oct 16, 07
    I bought a couple of the FFXII potions off of eBay, one to drink and one to keep as a collectors item. I imagine I'll do the same for this, hopefully it won't taste horrible like the FFXII one did.
  • 0
    Donnelly Oct 16, 07
    Btw, I'm soooo getting one tbh.

    How much are they in GBP, or USD?
  • 0
    Hell Fire Oct 16, 07
    Lol, thats cook. I want one XD.

    Mountain Dew would make a good potion.
  • -1
    BANDITO ATTACK Oct 17, 07
    oh christ
    the sad thing is people buy this shit
  • 0
    fitted Oct 21, 07
    Lucky! But don't get too excited, they had these for Final Fantasy XII in Japan, I think it was. But WE DONT GET THEM ;____; so typical.
  • 0
    Unity Oct 25, 07
    FF Potion > Halo MD ?

    If they taste good, oh well. The commercial is what I want to see.
  • 0
    iLLmatic Oct 25, 07
    Advent Children Complete? Final Fantasy Potion? What? They reeeeally know how to milk the cow. The heifer is pumping out dust by now.

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