Considering that most first person shooters that come out lately are military shooters that try to be summer blockbusters, Monterey Jack thought "come on, instead of whinging about the bad shooters, why not praise the good ones??" - and thus brings us to the latest Article Of Excellence, his review of Serious Sam 3: BFE. Describing it as a fast and frenetic shooter, let's just say that both Serious Sam and the more arcade-y style may yet be back - it certainly is to Monterey Jack!

In 2011, three similar games came out - Bulletstorm, Serious Sam 3, and Duke Nukem Forever. These games were meant to be more arcade-y, fun and over the top like in the good old days, as opposed to serious and grounded in realism while still feeling arcade-y like the majority of military shooters these days. I enjoyed Bulletstorm but it could've been a lot better. Duke Nukem Forever was boring and mediocre, and if it was a no-name game, nobody would give even a fraction of a shit about it unless you know who Gearbox Software are. So to finish off the year is Serious Sam 3, a long awaited but not nearly as long awaited as Duke Nukem Forever sequel to the awesome one-two punch of Serious Sam: First and Second Encounters. Both of those games were good, but Serious Sam 3 really ups the ante and winds up becoming not only the best shooter of 2011, but also one of the best shooters I've played in years!
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