The whole gaming industry is a buzz right now over the Wii U. The announcements of the two models along side the pre-orders being available from Gamestop has me asking a couple of questions however. Questions like who, in their right mind, would order the $299.99 model and why are the colors not available in both models?

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    karrynx3 Sep 17, 12
    Who you say? Everyone who wants it. Within 48 hours after its release at GameStop to preorder, it sold out. Both the regular and bundle pack. And of course like all marketing strategies, the black will most likely be available later on. They just made it only available in black in the bundle so that people would want to buy it even more
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    Gotenks Sep 17, 12
    I'm skipping out on the launch. There's only one game I am entirely sold on buying that is a launch title but it's not enough for me to get the console for. I'll wait until some more games come out like Pikmin 3.
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      karrynx3 Sep 17, 12
      I read somewhere that in 2013 there's going to be a Zelda game that will be the best out of all the games, graphically and story wise
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        Gotenks Sep 18, 12
        It's not the Zelda that they showed back when they announced the Wii U was it? That's still long ways off as they already announced their launch window and it's not there. Of course that can change. I need time to beat Skyward Sword still. ;_;
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    Super Squall Sep 18, 12
    Look lets be honest this console is pretty awesome but no one cares about it until we see Smash Brothers then it is relevant.
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      Kingy Sep 25, 12
      Haha I completely agree.

      I wouldn't get the console even if Smash was a good game to be honest. The Wii-U doesn't have enough going for it yet.

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