In this "Retrospective Review", 3DStination looks back at WayForward Technologies' Mighty Switch Force! - one of the most impressive eShop titles released before the end of 2011.

Check the full retrospective review on for more thoughts and comments on one of the eShop's most entertaining and clever side-scrolling games.

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    Gotenks Oct 6, 12
    This review being posted actually came at a good time. I've been thinking of looking more into the games on the 3DS eShop and this game was mentioned by a friend. The review is well done as it helps confirm what my friend said and it will probably be one I pick up.
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    cbakehorn Oct 7, 12
    From a dedicated fan of the eShop and its games, check out Fractured Soul, Sakura Samurai, VVVVVV, and Mutant Mudds as well. =)

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