At long last, the long awaited 1.8.2 update for Minecraft Xbox 360 has been submitted to Microsoft for certification testing! The official news was revealed by 4J Studios on their Twitter page on the 2nd of October. Upon submission, 4J Studios also revealed a whole goldmine full of information on 1.8.2, including every addition, improvements, and bug fixes/patches. No official release date has been confirmed as to when 1.8.2 will hit Xbox Live, but what was once months of waiting has now been reduced to just days.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition fans will be painfully aware that there is a sizeable 1.8.2 update waiting in the wings. However, when you see the sheer magnitude of the changelog, you might be a little more forgiving about the delay for development and certification. I'm going to get straight on with it so we can all finish reading in time to go to bed later tonight.
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