What do experts claim your favorite console says about you in the dating world? See how true your 'description' is and take a peek at what Carl Arinoldo (Long Island, NY-based psychologist),
Ed Magnin (chairman, Game & Simulation Programming, DeVry University’s Dallas Metro campus),
Ted Owen (CEO, GGL, an online gaming network in Santa Monica, CA), and
Shane Satterfield (editor-in-chief, Santa Monica-based GameTrailers.com, an online gaming site) have to say about the personality traits associated with the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. Who knows? Maybe you'll walk away with a better understanding of yourself and other gamers... Or at least with a laugh a two. Heh...

Arinoldo: The PlayStation 3 may indicate that the user is any “early-adopter,” someone who likes to be the first on the block to have things. Owning the PS3 may also send the message that the person may have deep pockets.

Satterfield: This guy is not the typical slack-jawed, bleary-eyed gamer who wants to sit on the couch staring blankly at the screen for hours on end. You can rest assured that this type of guy is smart with his money as the Wii is only $250 compared to $399 for the Xbox 360 and $599 for the PlayStation.

XBOX 360
Arinoldo: There is a wide variety of games available through the Xbox 360... so one may be better able to find games in common with a significant other who may not be an avid gamer. Preferring the Xbox 360 may say that the owner is willing to play cooperatively.
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    black doom Nov 8, 07
    This makes me look good, for me it is incorrect, but if girls believe that then ka-swish.
  • 0
    joshthegreat Nov 8, 07
    $599 for the PS3? I assumed the highest spec SKU was now $499?
  • 0
    Daisy Nov 8, 07
    I don't think I agree with any of these assumptions about someone based on their gaming consoles.

    How about the person owns a 360 because they are impatient and couldn't wait for the PS3 to start getting into the NextGen? Or if someone owns the Wii it's because he's a cheapskate?

    I know this was meant to be tongue in cheek, but gah...
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      Shadow of Death Nov 8, 07
      Yeah, exactly what I was thinking >_>

      And it doesn't say anything about a person owning more than one console....I, personally, own a PS3, 360, PS2 (bit redundant I know), PSP, and DS...and eventually, I'll probably get the Wii too...

      But eh, it IS true that I've logged over 100 hours on some of my fave games (Disgaea, and Makai Kingdom in particular)....
  • -1
    iLLmatic Nov 8, 07
    This is um..completely ridiculous.
  • -2
    Donnelly Nov 8, 07
    I think it's a tad pointless having the Wii in their as most Wii owners are too young to date.
  • 0
    Zero and X Nov 8, 07
    What if I have a PS3 AND a Wii? Wtf does that make me? THis is just another sad attempt at society attempting to put labels on us. I f'ing hate labels.
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      Play ISDF Nov 9, 07
      So do I. I mean it's bad enough that gamers are generally pretty badly stereotyped, I don't think we need more crappy stereotypes to go with. Also it's especially bad when they have such a narrow stereotype for consoles not taking into account some huge prices (I'm looking at you Sony) or the fact that some consoles might not have the wanted games of another console.
  • 0
    timberwolf120 Nov 8, 07
    Was expecting to read something witty/funny. Very disappointed.
  • 0
    Bale Fire Nov 8, 07
    Pretty lame. I doubt this is correct for even half of the people who won the consoles
  • 0
    Final Blade Nov 8, 07
    Actually I do have the PS3 but i don't have deep pockets the wonders of saving my money help me

    But interesting read though.
    • 0
      Shadow of Death Nov 9, 07
      Ditto lol

      The 360 was a b-day/X-mas gift from my dad last year, and I scrimped and saved my allowance to get my PS3, same with my PSP...The DS was a graduation present, and the PSP was partly paid by me (traded in my PS1 and some games, etc)and partly by my mom...

      I don't even have a freakin' job yet >_> Which is sad -_- I want a job -_-
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    S v R 2010 Nov 9, 07
    This is um..completely ridiculous.
  • 1
    HBK619 Nov 9, 07
    Lol, stereotypes ftw. Worst article ever.
  • 0
    Lost in Azure Nov 17, 07
    Very nice news topic. Also pretty funny.

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