It seems like the Wii's version of Guitar Hero 3 is a huge step down from the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions. Not only does it not have an offline co-op mode, it seems to be having some sound issues. The game refuses to output sound in any mode other than mono, even though it's advertised as supporting Dolby Pro Logic II.

If it weren't bad enough that Activision shipped out Guitar Hero III with no offline co-op quickplay mode, a few careful listeners have noticed another thing they left out - a few channels of sound.

Audiophilic owners of Guitar Hero III for the Wii have noticed that not only does the game not support Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound systems (despite that feature being advertised), but it doesn't even output sound in stereo. As we all know, it's nearly impossible to pass "Cult of Personality" on Expert unless the manic shredding of Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid washes over you from six different angles.
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    iLLmatic Nov 11, 07
    No offline co-op and only mono sound? I don't even play Guitar Hero, but this has got to be a joke.
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    Dio Nov 11, 07
    Wow, could the developer be more lazy?

    Seriously though. If you're gonna release a game that focuses on music, at least get the sound right. This is a joke.
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    Unity Nov 11, 07
    I would expect excellent sound from a music-based game.

    You would guess that one of the reasons you would buy a guitar game would be for the sound, among gameplay, and the lacking of offline co-op is another downfall. They better step up their game if they hope to make allies out of the Wii.
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    Naruto34 Nov 14, 07
    So is there a gutiar 3 for a Wii that would be really cool!
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    chaosmonkix Nov 14, 07
    quote Naruto34
    So is there a gutiar 3 for a Wii that would be really cool!
    came out the same day as the other consoles...

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