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As our time with the Wii draws to a close, we need to remember the good points. Rather than let it's life end on a whimper, remembering all the shovelware released for it, the crew at GoozerNation has put together the Wii Bucket List: a set of games that show high marks for the system; that it's not a bunch of waggle tech with no substantial gaming available. Click in for some of the best "must-experience" titles you need to try before your Wii shoves off it's mortal coil.

As our time with the Wii draws to a close, a few of us at GoozerNation would like to take a moment to reflect on some of the more poignant memories of it's lifetime. The Wii has a large library and with that, unfortunately, gained a reputation of being a console full of shovelware. This may be true to the casual audience but to true fans there are some great games.

The Wii shall live on through backwards compatibility. Many a Wii will continue chugging for the GameCube compatibility (and the Virtual Console if they are not transferrable), but many a Wii will also be shut down forever or traded for it's replacement.

This is not a "best of" list. While many games on this list represent the highest quality of games on the system, this is a Bucket List: the games you should let your console experience before it shuffles off it's mortal coil. These games will help future gamers understand what it was to own a Wii. Links abound in the article to find the games via Amazon to make sure you don’t miss any of these gems.
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