For the second time in a row, Aevers takes the Articles Of Excellence circuit by storm with another Resident Evil review, and it's a Resident Evil game we've already seen (although under Dark Arcanine's rule - this is its first time under mine) - Resident Evil 4! Describing the game as an interesting mix of horror and action that revitalizes the Resident Evil spirit that was nearly lost, Aevers takes note of a large shortcoming that is overlooked by how well everything else is done.

After four successful games and a few... questionable spin off games, Capcom took a bit of a break from the series as its formula grew stale. Each of the older Resident Evil games, while adding some tweaks here and there, did feel samey and although I love them, I don't think anybody can take yet another instalment of the same exact thing. So what the boys and girls over at Capcom did was change the camera angle from preset ones to one that's over the shoulder. So in a sense, we still have tank controls, but it doesn't feel as tank-y thanks to the more fluid controls and the change in camera angles. That and putting even more emphasis on action gives this game a distinct flavor. But does this make for a grand old time in the realm of survival horror? Well, not quite.
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