Award winning title Journey, has earned many Game of The Year awards this year including from IGN & Gamespot and this writer doesn't understand why when there were so many better games that came out in 2012, and tries to explain why he sees it as his least favorite title of the year.

On our most recent PrimeCast, I named my least favorite game/most disappointing game of 2012 as Journey. This award winning “GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!11111oneoneoneone” title just doesn’t do anything for me, from start to finish, I don’t see the big deal, and I really don’t understand the pomp and circumstance and fanfare so many people in the industry are giving this. It is this writer’s opinion, that there were many, MANY other games that came out this year far more worthy of the attention this one received, and I know this is going to get some backlash within the community, so I felt the need to at least explain my side.
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