Nintendo is no stranger to re-releases. The GameCube exclusive Resident Evils, Pikmin, and Metroid Prime were re-published on the Wii with what some would consider marginal improvements. Ocarina of Time was on the 3DS with 3D support. So, here is what I propose to Nintendo: give the HD treatment to some of our favorite Wii titles, and then some.

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    Sigma Jan 18, 13
    Woah, Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii U sound awesome! Although I don't necessarily think it will happen, it's still an awesome idea for Nintendo to make HD remakes. I'd buy them.
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    black doom Jan 19, 13
    I don't see Skyward Sword working on the Wii-U gamepad unless they had you draw the slashes on the touch-screen, and maybe its just me but that sounds comparatively clumsy.
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      Dark Arcanine Jan 19, 13
      I agree; the idea of drawing the slashes reminds me of Okami and gameplay like that just wouldn't be suiting - I'd rather just go back to mashing buttons in that situation.
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        black doom Jan 20, 13
        Yeah, which unfortunately would mean removing a major game-play component.

        I am pretty sure Skyward Sword is literally the proof of the Wiimote's entire concept actually, so I suppose it makes sense that any recreation would need to be limited to the Wiimote.
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    InsanityS Jan 19, 13
    I think I'd rather see new entries in the series rather than taking old games and polishing them up. Some of these games aren't even that old.

    Though I suppose if the only way Nintendo will touch F-Zero again is a remake then that would at least be something.
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    Dio Jan 20, 13
    Agree with Twilight Princess and Wind Waker in HD using the Gamepad controls, but not Skyward Sword. SS was designed for motion controls, using anything else is just taking a step backwards.

    I also do NOT agree with releasing Mario Kart Wii HD. Why not just release Mario Kart U and have an extensive list of Classic Tracks remade in HD to go along with the New tracks?

    The SM Galaxy Collection would also be hard to play with anything other than the Wii Remote.

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