Taking the gold trophy for the second time in a row, Upmagic manages to tell us a tale about Final Fantasy XIII. Scoring it a 9/10, he describes the experience as a hauntingly beautiful experience with a sense of speed in the fights, making for a refreshing experience in the JRPG realm.

That adventure is a dark one, but at the same time jarringly beautiful, colorful, and uplifting. Nomura's designs have never been more modern and minimalist, helping each character pop off the screen with subtle effects, such as Lightning's flapping shoulder cloak, or the way her sheathed sword bounces off her nimble legs as she jogs along utopian wonderlands; a glistening white wood, a carnival city of dreams, air fortresses and a capital that sits in the sky. And as each character faces their inner demon, this sheltered and artificial world teeters closer on the edge of armageddon. Crashing pianos and apocalyptic Latin choirs join challenging, race-to-the-finish boss fights that question your party's resolve to survive, and as the group comes full circle, their abilities mesh in dazzling animations and super powered flurries of spells and martial arts.
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