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In the continuation of the Evolution of a Gamer series, Ryan welcomes back his old friend, his Nintendo DS Lite, after it diligently entertained his child through his formative gaming years. Tried and true, the DS still has a lot of fight left in it.

Today, I'd like to commemorate the heroic efforts of one of my most tried and true combatants: my Nintendo DS Lite. At first, you lived a life of ease. You were taken care of, kept in a special place, buffed for cleanliness, the works. Then, as mentioned in previous Evolution of a Gamer articles, my son realized exactly what you were. He groped for you while I was playing, and I fought, but eventually relented to letting him play with you.

Things took a turn for the worse. He sneezed on you. Ate sticky food then played with you. Dangled you by your power cord while you were charging. After your L trigger became only usable sporadically, we picked up some Nerf armor for you that was well worth the price. Every drop, bang, twist, I would check in on you, and you soldiered on, even when he found it fun to click your screen open and closed....open and closed...open and closed...then leave you face down wide open in the middle of the floor for us to find with our feet.
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