Many guys want to find a girlfriend that loves video games just as much as them. One problem they often face, however, is getting friend zoned. Relationship expert Marni Kinrys explains how to avoid that.

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    Pepper Roni Feb 2, 13
    Because someone cherishing your friendship is just a shitty consolation prize!
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      Xander756 Feb 2, 13
      It is when you want to be more. Sometimes it is painful to be around that person, seeing her flirt with other guys in front of you, and knowing you can never be with her. Sometimes it's better to cut ties and move on to heal your heart.
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        Pepper Roni Feb 3, 13
        Or better yet: Recognize it and deal with it, or ask the girl out sooner so that the clarifications are there if she is interested in a relationship or not. Because it is honestly the biggest punch in the gut to hear someone reference your friendship in disdain because they've been "friend-zoned".

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