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Today's games provide a conundrum. As gamers get older and have more responsibilities, we have less time to play in a stretch. While we are searching for quick bursts of game time, modern games offer a cinematic experience, sucking you in for hours. What modern console games can you get a full gaming experience in in the short time you may have available? Ryan Johnson at GoozerNation offers some ideas.

A couple of days ago, I found myself at home alone in the evening. My wife went to visit someone and the kids were snuggled into bed. I'd finished all the chores I could and had full reign over my television. I sat there, ready to play a video game, and then looked at the clock. "Oh, yeah, it's only an hour till my wife gets home. So I guess I'd better not start up an RPG, I'll just be getting into it when she gets home! I've got those two new games I've recently recieved from Goozex...well, I can't really start something new, because I'll just get through a modern-day tutorial in an hour, I just want to PLAY. I have been itching to start the Mass Effect Trilogy, but I watched my wife do character customization for about 45 minutes..."
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