The reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise as developed by Ninja Theory was one of the big games to look forward to during the first month of the year. Gryzor looked into it and managed to win the last period of the ongoing Articles Of Excellence circuit by offering this reboot some kind words, giving kudos to the parts that work really well, but add a cruel tinge towards parts where it fails. He describes this reboot as one with excellent art design and a great combat engine, but a poor story and underwhelming enemies and bosses to utilize such a good combat engine on.

The one thing that captures the attention of any potential buyer is what's on the box. As much as people bang on about looking up reviews and trailers, a cover can sometimes seriously speak volumes about what a game will contain. Having Devil May Cry on the box with some black haired guy who has the same fashion sense as Dante from that series made me think "hmm, awesome, we get to play as somebody completely different". But then I remember long before the game came out that the guy on the box... is actually a redesign of Dante because Ninja Theory, the developers Capcom trusted to continue the Devil May Cry lineage with, wanted to inject a different flavor to the franchise because a more western approach was necessary after Devil May Cry 4 turned out to be nowhere near as good as Devil May Cry 3 and had too much anime shit in it to be a coincidence. One way to do so was to change Dante's hair from anime silver to a more realistic shade of black. So with a change in designs and mood, how does Ninja Theory execute this game? Well, it's not bad as it has a solid combat engine, but there are a few too many missteps
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