For personal reasons, the last period of the Articles Of Excellence circuit had to be extended a few days, but nevertheless, we've finally gotten ourselves a winner, and it's in the form of Demonfurby's Bioshock Infinite review. It's a tall order to claim that a game is the best ever made, but he assures you that it's not something he gives away lightly. Nope, his review will convince you that it's a very, very well made game that deserves to be up there with the greats.


That's all I was thinking after completing Irrational's latest masterpiece, BioShock Infinite. My mind was officially blown. Not because of the immense atmosphere, juxtaposed by the highs of the soaring, majestic skyscapes of the floating, seemingly perfect city of Colombia, and the lows of its gritty underbelly, rife with racism, sexism, corruption by its cult-like leader who sends waves of his city's forces against anyone who stands in the ways of his ambitious goals. Nor the near-perfect shooting, with Irrational learning from their mistakes their first two takes on the series. It was the single most poignant, thought-provoking, complex, spine-chilling narrative that will make you want to cry, shout, cheer and yell out in anger at your television once that final piano key strikes. Perhaps I'll be embarrassed when I look back on this years down the road (hell, maybe next week), but moments after completing this incredible experience I can only feel that BioShock Infinite is the best videogame ever created.
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