You know how you can download old games onto your Wii? Well, rumor has it, that pretty soon you can use the Wii Shop Channel to download DS Games. Full DS Games!

How many N64 games have you bought on the Wii's Virtual Console? Well, most of the time, if you can even connect to the Wii Shop Channel, the game you choose downloads pretty damn fast. So, why not be able to download DS games through the same system and follow the trends of other systems before it?

Soon enough, you'll be able to download full games and demos of DS games from your Wii to the actual handheld via their wireless components. No word on what types of games will be available for download, whether they be WiiWare titles or Virtual Console titles. As it stands, the DS can only hold one demo at a time, so Nintendo might just play it smart (because that's what they've been doing with the Wii shortages, right?) and release a blank DS card, but don't hold your breath on that...yet.
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    Chekkaa Jan 3, 08
    Nice... maybe I should get a DS...
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    Dio Jan 3, 08
    That sounds pretty sweet actually. I've been waiting for Nintendo to do something like this.
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    ConkerASkyJockey Jan 3, 08
    This is good news for Wii owners.

    I don't own a DS and so do other people, and I must say that being able to download DS games via virtual console is the best idea I've ever heard from Nintendo.

    Good job, Nintendo. I hope to see more of their brilliance.

    Gameboy games anyone?
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    Capn Droid Jan 3, 08
    Dammit. I thought you meant Virtual Console was coming for the DS.
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      Storm Jan 4, 08
      That most certainly would have been easier than having to transfer, but this is still a big step for Nintendo nevertheless.
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    fitted Jan 4, 08
    Yup, I saw this on ONM but the page was down it's such good news though!
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    Dragoshi1 Jan 4, 08
    Cool,this might be to stop ROMmers from doing the same. GO NINTY!
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    black doom Jan 4, 08
    Sounds good, but how do we put them on. Does the DS have a memory I don't know of. I would have previously been confident it didn't as the DS uses good old cartridges (I still feel cartridges rule).
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    Jaw Knee Jan 4, 08
    DS games playable to the Wii? Blasphemy! I'd check it out though as long as it isn't too gimmicky.
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    Remino52 Jan 5, 08
    It might sound annoying to do b but that is sick nasty awesome.

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