Minecraft 13w19a Snapshot

Minecraft 13w19a is a Minecraft Snapshot released by Mojang. Snapshots are released on occasion, and they include features that are to be implemented in a future version of Minecraft. The 13w19a Snapshot uses the New Minecraft Launcher that can be downloaded off of the Mojang website. The Minecraft 13w19a Snapshot can be found here with installation instructions.


Stained Clay

Hardened Clay can now be crafted into stained clay. Stained Clay uses all the same colors and dyes of colored wool.

Donkey / Mule Chest Inventories

Chests placed on donkeys and horses will now work if the player right-clicks on it while sneaking (SHIFT+Right-Click).

New Block of Coal Texture

Block of Coal textures have been changed to seem more natural.

New Lapis Lazuli Block Texture

Lapis Lazuli Block textures have been changed to seem smoother.

New Charcoal Texture

Charcoal textures have been changed to differentiate itself from Coal.

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