Well, we here on Neoseeker can't leave well alone when it comes to certain games, and one such game is DmC - Devil May Cry, this time penned by Monterey Jack. He describes the game as interesting, with its trippy settings and frantic fights that keep you coming for more to see what Ninja Theory will do next, even if he's unimpressed with the small boss roster and bad story.

Damn, Devil May Cry was cool! It's a series that indulged on over the top elements that offer the player a good time while putting them in places with gothic architecture, given that it was originally meant to be a Resident Evil game. But with time comes a need to change things up, and with Capcom thinking that they can't keep the series relevant, they pass off the franchise to Ninja Theory to see if they can do it any justice. Well, one goofy looking Dante design and an overhaul of the battle system later, and DmC: Devil May Cry is actually quite a rousing success. It may not feel like the original games, but by the way Ninja Theory did their spin on it, it felt like a refreshing dip in a freshly cleaned pool.
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