A new rumor has been examined, which states that the newly revealed Pokemon Pancham, evolves into Pangoro at level 30, who is a fighting/dark type Pokemon.
Then there's a new Pokemon called Inkay,, which evolves into malimar and you need to tilt the 3DS upside down to trigger the evolution.

The new Pokemon in the game Pokemon X and Y that the majority of people will get attracted to is Pancham. He is the fighting panda, similar Kung Fu Panda. Pancham is said to be an evolution with the name of Pangoro, who is a fighting/dark type of Pokemon. However if you want to evolve it then you will have to have the dark type.

Inkay has been said to change into Malimar and it is thought that when you level up you do have to hold the 3DS upside down to trigger off the new type. Another of the rumoured evolutions is Espurr, who changes into Meowstick, in keeping with tradition, in line with cat based updates which are seen in all Pokemon games released up to now which have always included a cat based update.
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