Hilary Clinton has been an enemy to the Grand Theft Auto franchise and seems that Rockstar has settled their issue's with her by allowing her to be part of it.

Rockstar has said that the prostitute's will look like democratic presidential candidates. After a prostitute has sex with a player, she will say something like "will you still vote for me?" and just before she meets death she would say "Now, I'll never be president!"

So GTA IV doesn't seem to have lost all the funny elements to it by making the game super realistic and this article proves that the game won't be going the realistic path but will actually be balancing fun an realism at the same time.

Clinton has long been an enemy of the GTA franchise and violent games in general, going as far as asking for a federal investigation into GTA: San Andreas, to probe how children can access violent and pornographic scenes from the game, online. “Being able to kill people in a virtual world is harmful to society. It’s why I spend all of my time in the Senate cleaning up video games instead of improving real life” said Hilary.
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  • 3
    iLLmatic Jan 14, 08
    Is this a joke? Its really not necessary if its true and not that I'd ever come off some green for pussc to begin with, but I definitely wouldn't pay for a chick who looks like Hilary Clinton.
  • 2
    Bale Fire Jan 15, 08
    I find this hard to believe
  • 0
    Miss Razz Jan 15, 08
    If it's true, this isn't exactly a good idea on Rockstar's behalf. They're just asking for trouble by doing something like this. It would be yet another thing that people like Hilary Clinton, Jack Thompson, etc. can target and use to their advantage.
  • 1
    Play ISDF Jan 15, 08
    Mmmk, first off. She's a bitch imo, another idiot using video games as a scapegoat. Although I don't think throwin prostitutes that look pretty much exactly like her in the game is a good idea as it'll just make the gaming industry look worse...and give Jacko more ammo, I just have to massively laugh at this. I just think that Rockstar has had enough crap put on them because of the GTA series over the years that they've just had enough and want a bit of revenge. I can't blame them and I do support them if this ends up true, even though in the long run this will probably hurt more than anything. Hope Rockstar has a good bloody laugh about this, cause it's about time for the gaming industry to get some revenge imo.
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    StarJet Jan 15, 08
    wow! that's pretty funny. what will she do if she actually becomes president? lol.
  • 1
    Archangel Jan 15, 08
    I don't necessarily think that this is a bad move on Rockstars part to be honest. I kind of shows they have a sense of humor. If this bothers Clinton then that basically just shows that she can't take a joke.
  • -2
    kik36 Jan 15, 08
    I just wish Rockstar would wait until AFTER it's released to start announcing shit. Last thing I want is an edited GTA......which is why I have it pre-ordered and will take off work to make sure I don't get some edited pile of crap.
  • 0
    Storm Jan 15, 08
    This does sound like something Rockstar would do, though. They seem to like doing things that'll get them in court or something, haha. Would be a good laugh if it were true, arlight, but as most of you said, it's a bad move, nonetheless.
  • -2
    Mnmfan Jan 15, 08
    I smell bullshit.
    This article makes no sense at all.
  • 0
    S v R 2010 Jan 15, 08
    This has to be a joke.

    They will get sued like 10 times if they get away with this.

    I personally like the idea but i doubt it will ever happen.
  • 2
    tekmosis Jan 15, 08
    This was posted on Digg twice. "The first time it was from some shitty blog, second time it was a repost on another shitty blog with the same thing the first shitty blog had"; to quote along the lines of a comment on Digg.

    This is a bogus and satire claim. She will *not* be in the game. The whole thing was just made up by said shitty blog.
  • 1
    TurMoiL911 Jan 15, 08
    I really don't see this happening.

    I mean, do you really want to play a game with all the hookers look like Hilary Clinton ?
    • 1
      Bri Jan 15, 08
      QFT. I want hookers who look like Jessica Alba, not Hillary Clinton. Oh well, this is GTA, we should be used to Rockstar's macabre sense of humor by now...
      • 0
        TurMoiL911 Jan 16, 08
        HOLY SHIT !!!I'm not into games like GTA, but if there were Jessica Alba hookers, I would be camping outside of GameStop as we speak.
        • 0
          iLLmatic Jan 16, 08
          You're more of a joke than the whole idea.
  • -1
    Saiya Jan 16, 08
    When I saw the prostitute that they say looks like Hilary Clinton, I laughed.

    The prostitute doesn't look like her much. I also think Rockstar should cool it. They could get into serious trouble.
    • 0
      Arcanium Jan 16, 08
      That's why they did make a exact replica of her, if they did they would be in serious trouble =/.
  • 0
    Jax06 Jan 16, 08
    Good sense of humor, although I doubt Hilary fans will appreciate this. =/

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