The guys and girls at Knitting Ninja have made something fun for Nintendo fans: A Chain Chomp beanie!
It's very cute, and anyone interested in the beanie can make one themselves by following the instructions on the site.
... Or you can just get grandma to make on instead.

Any gamer worth two cents has played at least ONE of the Mario games. Thusly, nearly every gamer knows of the mighty Chain Chomp.

I designed this hat on a whim, inspired by discussions with my geeky friends awhile ago, about how relatively simple it would be to design. In the last few days, I drew it up and knit it on the fly, taking notes as I went. The result is a Chomp that has happily broken free of its chain, only to latch itself onto an unsuspecting gamer’s head.
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  • 0
    Smiffers Jan 20, 08
    OMG! I really want one now... *runs to shop to buy wool*
  • 0
    nflsmc Jan 20, 08
    I'd wear one... Too bad I don't know how to knit...
  • 0
    ProfessorMaple Jan 20, 08
    I'm starting to wish I could knit now.
  • 0
    Remino52 Jan 20, 08
    Thats so cool.Finally nintendo made one of it's chars part of a hat.
  • 0
    Dragoshi1 Jan 20, 08


    I am so making this

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