Ladies and gentleman without further ado allow me to present you with the the final roster of the Brawl roster. As you can see these screens indicate that each character is at it's correct position if compared with both screens, although this is still speculation but nearly all the recent rumours flowing around Brawl have been true lately. This game is taking so long to be released that there is hardly anything left for Nintendo to hide.

This is still a rumour and nothing has been confirmed about both of these screens. So don't get your hopes up just yet.

If the following screens are true gamers, be prepared to be blown away. As if we needed any more reason to feed our need for this game how about 44 of them! 44 looks to be the magic number of characters playable in the new Smash Bros. Brawl, although none of the screens are confirmed as of this point.
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    black doom Jan 23, 08
    I don't buy it.

    For one thing isn't Ashly meant to appear in the background of the Wario Ware stage. Furthermore all the images I can make out are of poses we already had. Lastly the graphical styles are blended rather poorly.
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    Play ISDF Jan 23, 08
    I'm not sure if I buy it or not, especially since I can't tell who the hell some of those people are due to the puny writing or bad pics. If it's real though, people are gonna be happy with the inclusion of some unconfirmed people in there.
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    Avalith Jan 23, 08
    Do I see Marth?

    Oh man, if this is true, I'm definitely going to have to get Brawl.
    • 0
      Storm Jan 23, 08
      Highly unlikely that it's true, but ditto...I hope he's in. =D
  • 1
    Oogity_Boogity_Boo Jan 23, 08
    I doubt it. I'd be fine if this is the roster, but many of the images are in different styles, like black doom said. This would be a good lineup, but I don't buy it.
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    Akira_EX Jan 23, 08
    I'm pretty sure this is fake.
  • 2
    Sonic Flash Jan 23, 08
    It does suggest a number of "model swap" characters that I recall them downplaying in this one. I noticed Black Shadow there, and can't imagine how he would differ so greatly from Ganondorf and Captain Falcon and the other heavy characters to warrant being there.

    Characters I can't quite make out:
    [2,4] - Ridley? Some Metroid thing?
    [2,6] - Sylux or some other dumb MP:H character? Dark Samus?
    [3,1] - Fox's wolf enemy or whatever?
    [3,10/11] - Some FE girl + Marth?
    [4,9] - ?

    I would hope that all of these characters would have unique move sets and warrant being in the game. A lot of them seem like they could be model swaps or alternate colors.
    • 1
      Akira_EX Jan 23, 08
      [2,4] - Ridley
      [2,6] - Dark Samus
      [3,1] - Wolf O'Donnell - Fox's rival
      [3,10] - Micaiah (Radiant Dawn)
      [3,11] - Marth
      [4,9] - I think it's Masked Man from Mother 3.

      But then again, I'm pretty sure this picture was proven fake already.
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    Jesse1234567 Jan 23, 08
    Just a few problems with that roster:

    1) Micaiah's picture it her 2D Radiant Dawn picture rather than having updated graphics like Ike (though I'm sure she is still in there).
    2) Sakurai wanted 3 third party characters, Snake and Sonic are the only ones there.
    3) It's doubtful for a cell shaded character like Link to be in there.

    Of all the characters on there, I'm sure the only ones who really will be in the game who aren't confirmed yet are:
    -Bowser Jr.
    -Black Shadow
    -Mr. Game & Watch
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    Jesse1234567 Jan 23, 08
    Also just noticed this now, but Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong only have "Donkey" and "Diddy" over there picture, their full names aren't there like they should be.
  • 0
    Gotenks Jan 23, 08
    Still have my doubts that this is the final roster. Not to mention I don't agree with it. But I guess we'll know officially on the 31st.
  • 1
    Gregory2590 Jan 23, 08
    Look at K-rool and luigi.
  • 0
    Jaw Knee Jan 23, 08
    Look super real, but at the same time, I dunno why they'd put Midna as a playable character. And that box art is obviously fake.
  • 0
    Capn Droid Jan 23, 08
    Everything is fake, pretty much. Wind Waker Link and previously posted pictures equal fail.

    Nice Photoshop, I admit.
  • 1
    neto_360 Jan 23, 08
    Most likely a fake. I can't even tell who some of the characters are in the pictures anyways XD

    I can wait for Brawl to see who is on the final roster. Or for Nintendo to announce it themselves.
  • 0
    Benk_92 Jan 23, 08
    If this is real I will sign everyone's guestbook who posts in here.

    Isn't gonna happen.
  • 0
    Ground Jan 23, 08
    Some, But a Very Few Look Real, But Most look Fake.

    The Ness Was a good Fake... The Rest are 2D Artwork Mostly.
  • 0
    chaosmonkix Jan 23, 08
    what happened to zero suit samus?
    • 0
      Jesse1234567 Jan 23, 08
      Zero Suit Samus can only be used when you use Samus' Final Smash, so she won't appear in the roster. Same goes for Sheik, since you can only use her through Zelda's Down Special Move. Most likely if you hold A again when starting a battle, you will be Sheik and Zero Suit Samus rather than Zelda and Samus like how it worked for Zelda and Sheik in Melee.
  • 0
    Murray3 Jan 23, 08
    how any one could fall for this I don't know...
  • 0
    Sonic Flash Jan 24, 08
    You have to admit though that if they were going to include a Young Link, they'd use WW Link.

    ...And that if they did use WW Link, that they'd bother to use the cel shading technique. Therefore I wouldn't call Young Link fake based entirely on the art style.

    Micaiah looks drawn though, which makes me skeptical. Probably a fake overall.
  • 0
    Bri Jan 24, 08

    But since everyone is ripping this to shreds, it does look semi-fake, especially cel-shaded Young Link. Who knows, we may be wrong. Still, Luigi had better be in.
  • 0
    The Primagen Jan 24, 08
    Midna? Dark Samus? King K.Rool? kay..
  • 0
    Remino52 Jan 24, 08
    This is incredible.....But it is not that believable.
  • 0
    Oceanic Sun Jan 24, 08
    According to, a Pokemon website, Lucario and Jigglypuff are both confirmed. By looking at these rosters, I do believe they may also be right.

    I can see Ganondorf, Midna, and what appears to be The Four Swords Link.

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