A father (Spellman) who plays on his Xbox for several hours everyday has killed his 17 month daughter for pulling out the console (probably pulled a wire).

The father has been convicted of third degree murder and child endangerment. The father will be prisoned up to 47 years, it seems that no specific prison time is yet known.

Prosecutors have reported that the father had pummeled his daughter cracking her skull several times while her pregnant mother slept in the other room.

"He's not happy with the verdict. He does not agree with the verdict, but he respects the jury verdict," said Spellman's defence lawyer Mr Hoof.

A post mortem examination which showed two weeks before the daughter met death, she suffered from a broken arm. Social workers failed to see this on their two visits to the house.

The second daughter has now been taken away after the mother gave birth after her first daughters death.

Let's all hope better parents are willing to raise her.

A man who played video games for hours each day has been convicted of killing his 17-month-old daughter when she pulled out his Xbox console.
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    Ameer Jan 31, 08
    What the *bleep*? That is truly crazy. Obsession to the point of insanity.
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    Play ISDF Jan 31, 08
    God and I was just starting to think humans might be slowly getting back on track since I hadn't heard of any crap along these lines for ages. I don't believe the second daughter should be taken away from the mother. It seems like she did nothing wrong at all. *bleep* the father, he did something so wrong and he deserves his 47 years, who cares if he doesn't agree with it, I'm sure a lot of others do.
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      iLLmatic Jan 31, 08
      Back on track? So you were just ignoring all of the other anarchy across the world?
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        Play ISDF Jan 31, 08
        No, not really. But I hadn't heard of any *bleep*ed up bullshit like this for awhile so I thought that MAYBE POSSIBLY the world's IQ went up a little bit and that MAYBE there would be no more idiots doing shit like this. A silly dream of course, but still, it was a nice thought.
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    Seeker X Jan 31, 08
    47 years??? Hold on, a 17 month old...you should either get capital punishment or life imprisonment, that's murder of a minor right there. PLUS the child suffered past parental abuse...Hell I woulda shot him myself, who comes up with these time sentences???

    Oh and:

    He's not happy with the verdict. He does not agree with the verdict, but he respects the jury verdict,
    The *bleep* would anyone care if he agreed with it or not? He's lucky his state probably doesn't condone the capital punishment.
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      SSJ3 Trunks Jan 31, 08
      So true dude. No one gives a shit if you are not happy with the verdict, you killed you're daughter just because she topped over a Xbox.
      The things only $70, it's not worth it!
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    Peano Jan 31, 08
    Hmmm this guy is clearly an old gent (as far as I can tell from the picture 30 to 40 years old). Now they blame video games cos a kid beats up another kid and just so happened to have played street fighter once. Yet noone mentions it for something like this
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    The New Era Jan 31, 08
    Over an Xbox ? Over a mother*bleep*ing Xbox ? This guy has serious issues
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    Slumpy monkey Jan 31, 08
    This guy should be shot. Bastard
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    Reason Jan 31, 08
    That psycho is where he deserves to be now. Banged up for life.
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    Kingy Jan 31, 08
    That's just sick. It's terrible to kill anyone over something like this. let alone a baby!
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    Zero and X Jan 31, 08
    I say eletrocute his ass, this guy is *bleep*ing sick, how can you kill your own daughter!?
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    Storm Jan 31, 08
    Life in prison, let him rot in jail and think about what he did. But come on, it's like he doesn't even regret what he did...bastard.

    This event happened two years ago last I read. The sentence was finally settled, though I don't agree with it. Should be the rest of his life.
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    Final Blade Jan 31, 08
    Holy crap why do we need to read these horrible stories about stuff like this. Its obvious these people are psycho and needs helps or some other crap.

    Im sorry i know its about a system, but i really don't need to hear about 1 year 6 month baby getting killed for stupid morons like this who shouldn't be playing a system in the first place. It pains me to know people are this sick and demented.
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    Oceanic Sun Jan 31, 08
    I really just wish this person would be given the death sentence.
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    m xdogz Feb 1, 08
    This dude is a pig, it's only a game.
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    Rinkydink Feb 1, 08
    The guy deserves to be shot, enough said. Putting a stupid game over family is beyond ridiculous. Just goes to show what games can do to some people.
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    Dance Floor Killah Feb 1, 08
    Give him the death penalty. I'm sure it's important if he disagrees with that too. Damn idiots.
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    Bale Fire Feb 1, 08
    *Sigh* another month another raving lunatic who kills someone else over a videogame
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    StarJet Feb 1, 08
    Damn these bastards! Why can't they understand that a child is much more valuable than an XBOX? Damn!
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    ConkerASkyJockey Feb 1, 08

    Okay, this is goig insane. Why would a father kill his own daughter over a XBOX? This is just stupid, this proves how humans are dumbasses at times.

    Putting a video game console over family is beyond ridiculus. I say he needs to be killed, old school style..... cutting his head off.

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