Gotfrag recently did a article about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and pointed out a interesting point on the original delay.

It seems that Geno, from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, was a playable character. However, due to problems with Square Enix Masahiro Sakurai, Brawl's game director, had to remove Geno from the game and delay it to February 10th 2008.

This is still unconfirmed, but do you think that this is possible?

Super Smash Bros Brawl has only been released in Japan for a short time. Already though, most of the important information has been shared by hardcore gamers who've played the game tirelessly these past few days. With the final roster having been revealed, there is a new rumor floating around the internet stating that the character Geno, from Super Mario RPG on the SNES was originally a character in Brawl. Supposedly, copyright issues arose between Nintendo and Square-Enix (who owns the character) and Nintendo was forced to remove Geno at a late stage of the games development, causing the original delay.

Those who have been following the development of Brawl extensively know that Masahiro Sakurai, the man himself regarding Smash Bros development, had a survey in Japan a few years back where he asked gamers what characters they would most like to see in Brawl. Every character in the top 10 of that list is in the game except Geno, who was the #1 character on the list. lists the voice of Ness, Makiko Omoto, as doubling for the voice of Geno in the credited cast portion of its overview of the game. Finally, on the final character screen, there is an extra square to the far right where a "random select" box was implemented. Not only does it look somewhat out of place, it's placing is also interesting. Right underneath Snake and Sonic.

So, whether or not this rumor is true will have to be revealed to us by Nintendo, Square-Enix or by someone who worked on the project. But even with the lack of information gamers have been given by them, it all makes sense that Geno was originally intended to be in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the reason that we all, worldwide aren't playing it right now is because that little detail didn't work out.
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  • -2
    Pyrazor Jan 31, 08
    That's absolute nonsense, REMOVING a character wouldn't cause a delay. Adding one would, but getting rid of content is easy.
    • 5
      Kinetic Jan 31, 08
      Actually, removing a character would cause a delay. Do you think they can magically take something out?
      • 1
        Xenctuary Feb 1, 08
        Especially if the character is interwoven into the single player storyline and so forth.
  • 1
    Dio Jan 31, 08
    Why!? oh why would they remove Geno!!??

    :spontaneously combusts:
    • 1
      Gotenks Jan 31, 08

      *shakes fist*
  • 1
    Final Blade Jan 31, 08
    Well Anything is possible.
  • 1
    m xdogz Jan 31, 08
    That slack , this game gonna take for ever to come out now
  • 1
    Oogity_Boogity_Boo Feb 1, 08
    Well it's not like we didn't know of the new release date before now.

    If this is true, it sucks. I wonder if he was completely removed, or if he'll possibly be playable using a cheat device.
  • 1
    The New Era Feb 1, 08
    Oh well, the more the un-merrier
  • 1
    Kingy Feb 1, 08
    Ah, I see. I was wondering where Geno was in the roster...
  • -2
    BANDITO ATTACK Feb 1, 08
    sorry i cant hear the sound of me not giving a shit over the sound of marths confirmed awesomeness.
  • 0
    Jesh Feb 1, 08
    That is pretty strange, to have to delay that long for one character. But still I am not too mad, the second puch back had me pissed though.

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