Children often are drawn to bloody and gruesome fairy tales and ghost stories in order to come to grips with heavy concepts like right and wrong, responsibility, loyalty, life and death. Should a game like Mass Effect that centers on making difficult, grown up, choices, advocates diversity and harmony among different races while teaching responsibility be off limits to developing minds?

Using children as an excuse for ideologically motivated stances is nothing new. Politicians, religious leaders, man and women of power have been doing it for a very long time. As a matter of fact, on a macro level, we can trace the desire to protect our young to biology. (Although that evolutionary desire undoubtedly ties with physical harm: ‘I don’t want my offspring to be eaten by a tiger.’) However, transferring this desire to the realm of morality is a whole another can of worms… an ugly, rusty can, with sharp jagged edges, full of guilt-ridden, self-righteous, zealous worms.
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    Play ISDF Feb 7, 08
    I do agree that Mass Effect could definitely help some developing minds of kids, but at the same time I do wonder if it would be the right thing to do. It might be better to introduce things in a different more friendlier way. Still, it's an interesting thought.
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    Final Blade Feb 7, 08
    I don't know though, im pretty sure there is other games more suitable for that idea. Still nothing wrong with ME
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      black doom Feb 8, 08
      Did you me that, umm 'pun' to be in there?
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        Final Blade Feb 8, 08
        What pun? ME=Mass Effect. There is no pun in my post.
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    Blackfalcon Feb 8, 08
    Developing the minds of kids? Mass Effect? I'm afraid that sounds pretty daft to me.
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    BANDITO ATTACK Feb 8, 08
    why should parents be instilling values and morals into their children when they can let a sci-fi video game do it for them
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      videolamer Feb 8, 08
      Why not teach your children through art? The folly of over ambition is much clearer to a child when taught through Macbeth than when simply explained. Or if you prefer we can teach kids through the Bible. Either way, art has been used for ages to educate and this article is not an endorsement of sitting your kids in front of a TV instead of parenting. But you'd know that if you'd read it.
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    Kinetic Feb 8, 08
    Who needs school? WE CAN PLAY MASS EFFECT!
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    vaga_koleso Feb 8, 08
    I tell you, there are definitely a couple of things that game will teach you that we certainly don't teach in our schools (but should)!

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